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March 04, 2014

Caution to Confidence: Rosaria's Y Story

Rosaria celebrates her achievements at Urban SwimRosaria, a Syracuse Housing Authority youth, was cautious about the water at first. It was something she knew she wanted to overcome, though, so she committed to come to every single Urban Swim class she could.

“Each class time she gained skills and confidence,” said Suzanne Brisk, her Urban Swim instructor in the fall of 2013. “She was a great student- willing to try and committed.”

By the end of the class, Rosaria was able to float on her back and flip from her back to front in the water. On the final day of class, Rosaria and Suzanne swam the entire length of the pool together. Rosaria was so excited. After a rest, she swam all the way back.

“I was so happy for her to gain that confidence, skill and pleased that she could reach her goal of becoming a better swimmer,” Suzanne said. “Afterward, we took a photo with Lifeguard Ben so she would have a memory of her achievement.”

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