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February 05, 2014

Community Connections: Tom Gardner

Tom and GregTom Gardner came to the YMCA for convenience. He found community.

Tom began searching for a new place to exercise when the small, church-sponsored gym he had been a part of for the past eight years closed. The North Area Family YMCA was less than two miles away from his home, so he decided to give it a shot.

During Tom’s first visit to the North Y’s Fitness Center, he met Greg, a staff member who greeted him warmly and made him feel right at home. Greg showed Tom around the weights and machines, introduced him to a couple of other people working out and made him feel like he really cared about his experience at the Y.

Tom knows a thing or two about developing a sense of community. He hosts exercises and challenge courses for organizations that want to strengthen their teams. Tom identified with Greg’s ability to create a comfortable environment for everyone.

Tom and Greg“I’m the kind of person who loves connecting with people, so much so that I do it for a living,” he said. “Greg enjoys connecting with people and helping them improve their physical fitness. It’s obvious that he truly loves his work and that’s something I really appreciate.”

Tom now comes to the Y regularly and looks forward to chatting with Greg every time he comes in to exercise.

“If there’s no one else that I know, I at least know Greg and that’s the best feeling.”

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