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June 06, 2018

Paving Information

We are undertaking a number of important paving projects around our association in order to serve our members better. Please see below for information regarding projects at your local branch.

North Area Family YMCA in Liverpool

The North Area Family YMCA is well under parking lot construction. The addition of gutters for proper drainage has been completed and a few other drainage projects are being finalized.

The East lot (Playground side) will be done by June 7th. Both lots will open for the weekend and on Monday the West lot (volleyball side) will close through June 15. Staff will park in the Clay Park lots to ensure adequate member parking.

Manlius YMCA

Due to major parking lot reconstruction, the Manlius YMCA will be closed from June 18 - July 11 (subject to change). During this time, please visit the Fayetteville YMCA, 4 miles away or any of our other branches. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Our SACC program will run as scheduled from June 18 - 21. Buses will pick up and drop off kids on Route 173 with staff assistance. Parents will need to park on the edge of our property on 173 and walk into the building through the gym door located in the northwest corner of the building.

Hal Welsh East Area Family YMCA in Fayetteville

Reconstruction of the lot at the Hal Welsh East Area Family YMCA in Fayetteville is scheduled for July 9 through July 27. The schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions and other factors. The work will be done in two phases to ensure that members and staff can safely access the building each day of the project.

Phase 1, scheduled to last from July 9 to July 24, will include reconstruction of the road and parking spots along the western edge of the lot, including the road west of the building and the northwest (employee) parking lot. This area is marked with a "1" on the map. During this time, the main front entrance will be fully accessible to members. Employees should park to the south of the YMCA lot, near the Stickley store, which is marked on the map in blue.

Phase 2, scheduled to last from July 24 to 27, will include the rest of the YMCA lot, including the area directly in front of the main door. This area is marked with a "2" on the map. Pedestrians may access the main door via the front sidewalk, which will connect to the newly reconstructed parking on the west and spaces to the east of the YMCA lot. Employees should park in the northwest lot or the Stickley lot.

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