Stone Canoe considers for inclusion previously unpublished works of short fiction, creative nonfiction, short plays, poems, and works of visual art created by people who live or have lived in Upstate New York. For simplicity's sake, we current define "Upstate" as that portion of the state which is outside of New York City and Long Island.

General Guidelines

All submissions to Stone Canoe must adhere to the following guidelines. Submissions not meeting these guidelines will not be considered for publication.

  • Work must be submitted through the "Submittable" web-based submission service. Click here to submit work through Submittable.
  • All submissions sent outside of our reading period, or sent through email or by regular mail, will not be considered.
  • Our next reading period (for Stone Canoe #13, 2019) opens February 28, 2018, with submissions being accepted until various deadlines in July. Specific deadlines vary by genre; please check the online guidelines for each category at our Submittable page.
  • All submissions must include a biographical note which clearly details the contributor's current or past residency in the eligible region of New York State. Please put this information first in your biographical note, and follow it with any additional information you wish to share. Submissions which do not clearly demonstrate the contributor's connection to our region will not be considered for publication.
  • For genre-specific guidelines, please visit the Submittable page.