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The YMCA of Greater Syracuse offers more than just fitness opportunities. We know that, for kids, part of staying healthy is being able to use imagination and creativity. In our social kids classes, kids have the chance to do just that, all while making new friends!
Child Care

American Girl Doll (Ages 5 - 8)


Learn about historically based young girls through fun activities including crafts, dramatic play, storytelling, hair and dress up for your dolls. Bring your doll and be ready for a fun-filled time.

Bitty Basics (Ages 2 - 4)

ABC's and 123's! Children will learn letters, numbers, colors and shapes the fun way: through age appropriate songs, games, crafts, and lots of laughs. This class is perfect for for children who are ready to learn, but not quite ready for the long hours of the preschool programs. They'll be having so much fun they won't even realize they're learning!

Character Parties (Ages 3 - 7)

The YMCA of Greater Syracuse offers your children the chance to dive head-first into the worlds of their favorite characters from books and film. With our character parties, they will be guided through crafts and games designed around a specific character or theme, immersing them in their favorite stories. These parties are great ways for your children to form lasting friendships, and to hone their princessly poise or superpowers.

Party Themes

Some of our character party themes include (but are not limited to):

  • American Girl Doll
  • Pokemon
  • Superhero Squad
  • Pretty, Pretty Princess
  • The Mad Hatter's Unbirthday Party
  • Beyond Batman
  • Spiderman's Amazing Adventures
  • Pirate Academy
  • Avengers

Explorations & Creations (Ages 3 - 10)

Children will express their creativity and explore their imaginative side at these weekly classes. They will learn how to recycle household items into masterful art and delve into the wonderful world of science. There will be a different class each week; all materials included. Take one class or sign up for all of them.

Junior Lego Robotics (Ages 6 - 8)

Welcome to the basics of Lego Robotics. We will work together to create movable, sensor operated robots out of Legos!

Kids' Craft & Gym (Ages 2 - 6)

Calling all kids! While Moms and Dads are taking a class, kids can have a class of their own. Here is a great way to make new friends while using kid-friendly equipment in the gym such as parachute, mini-bikes, balls and hula hoops. After running it out in the gym your child will discover his or her crafty side. We will introduce a new project each week. Let your little ones get all their energy out and explore their creative sides here at the Y!

KinderCombo (Ages 3 - 6)

Mix it up! This combo class gives your child a little taste of everything. Your child will spend two weeks using their imagination in the Arts Studio, two weeks learning the fundamentals of teamwork and sportsmanship in our gymnasium, and two weeks making new friends and learning together in our enrichment programs.

Lego Club (Ages 5-11)

Behind the Bricks with LEGO! Work with engineers from Lockheed Martin to design and build bridges, pyramids, vehicles, and other constructions. Explore concepts in designing & engineering while playing with your favorite creations. This is a hands-on club for LEGO novices to enthusiasts. Parents are required to stay and encouraged to help. Held at our Baldwinsville School Age Site.
FREE (members only)
Registration is required!

Robotics First Lego League Team
at the Baldwinsville School Age Site
(Ages 9-14)

Lego creations with power. Youth will work together to create a Lego robot that can climb, navigate, hear, touch and even see. Each team consists of 10 kids who are given a challenge early in September to present in a competition held in Utica/Rome in December. The kids will build and program an autonomous (no remote control) Lego Mindstorms robot to score points by performing mission tasks. Missions require the robot to navigate, capture, transport, or deliver objects on a printed mat (the field). The robot has 2 1/2 minutes to complete as many missions as possible. The team will learn more about the science behind the challenge theme and use their creativity to design a solution to solve a real-world problem. Held at our Baldwinsville School Age Site.
Registration is required!

Little Ladybug's Garden (Ages 2 - 4)

Is your little lady itching for her own garden? This fall, let your little girl plant her own seeds, watch her plants grow and do arts and crafts while we learn all about the basics of gardening and responsibility!

Messy Play (Ages 3 - 6)

Splat! Splash! Drip! Creativity will be encouraged and imaginations will go wild as your child(ren) explore different textures and consistencies that are sure to make a mess! Your little one can get messy with activities that use paints, pudding, play dough and so much more. The bigger the mess, the better the class. Best of all, YOU don't have to worry about the furniture! Old play clothes are encouraged.

Pokemon Trading Post (Ages 4 - 7)

Let your imagination run wild as we create our own new Pokemon together. Bring your own cards to battle and trade with your friends!

Ready, Set, Grow! (Ages 12 - 24 months)

Look who is getting so big! Join us as we watch your child learn and grow through games and activities in the gymnasium. Soon enough, you'll both be ready for your little one to take class all on their own! (Parent/Child)

Splash & Play (Ages 3 - 6)

Get all the wiggles out while we play in the gym, then it's off to the pool to make a BIG splash! Gym time will include free play as well as structured games. Pool time will include free swim and structured water activities, as well as entertaining features such as the turtle slide, umbrella, and pipe falls. Children can have a safe and fun time together in an enjoyable environment. Children must come to class with their swimsuits on under their clothes, and must wear sneakers.

Stay & Play (Ages 2 - 6)

Sign your child into Prime Time and we'll do the rest. While you're getting your workout, we'll take your child to and from the gym for some fun, organized play.

Superhero Squad (Ages 3 - 6)

Throw on your cape and soar to new heights in this exploratory class. We will spend each week learning about a new superhero- including the everyday superheroes like police officers and firefighters. Have you ever met a real life superhero before?

Wild About Nature (Ages 3 - 6)

Does your child always ask “why” questions about nature?This class will answer many of those questions through exploration and experimentation. Weather permitting we will venture outside to observe nature’s creepy crawlers in their natural habitat.Children will take a hands on approach as they create different projects each week.