Martial Arts

Dance (Ages 3+)

The YMCA Dance Program is designed for children who just need to move! Whether it's a tumbling routine on the mat, or tapping on the stage, the Y has you covered.


A combination of tumbling and jazz dance to music creating a unique variation of dance. Pink ballet shoes required.

Classical Ballet

The most disciplined foundation for all dance forms concentrating on technical and linear development, proper alignment, turn-put, placement and coordination. A reinforced ballet vocabulary is also emphasized to all students involved in classical ballet training. Pink ballet shoes required.

Creative Movement

A combination of tumbling and dance for boys and girls. Different dance steps may be used as well as cheerleading moves. Pink ballet shoes required.

Hip Hop

A form of fast-paced dance combining strength, energy, rhythm and coordination with multiple funky upbeat steps and jumps.


A basic Irish folk dance concentrating on technical coordination. Black ballet shoes required.

Jazz Dance

A dynamic form of dance focusing on rhythm, expression and style. Forms and various styles of American dance are taught concentrating on coordination, isolated rhythmic movements and specific jazz technique. No shoes required.


A form of dance to music that uses different tap tones and dance steps to create a rhythmic sound. Black tap shoes required.

Tumbling Tots Gymnastics

A beginner class designed to introduce children to movement and flexibility through progressive tumbling, balance, and other gymnastic activities. A fun and safe environment is emphasized where every child can have a positive experience.

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