Laurie's hope breast cancer support program

Laurie’s Hope is a breast cancer support program of the YMCA of Greater Syracuse. The program helps breast cancer survivors maintain health and well-being through the first year of their cancer survivor journey. Laurie’s Hope helps survivors regain the physical, emotional and social strength that a breast cancer diagnosis can take away.

Program components include:

Laurie's Hope is offered at no cost to breast cancer survivors.

The program provides direct support to survivors by enveloping them (and their families, as appropriate) in the full strength and community of the YMCA. Laurie’s Hope helps breast cancer survivors thrive by helping them maintain physical fitness and strength; helping them improve their diet; and helping them make connections with other breast cancer survivors. As a result, survivors have less fatigue and stress, they feel more confidence in themselves and their ability to advocate for their health and they learn how to navigate the healthcare system.

Through interventions and support, survivors will learn how to live effectively with their altered health status, improving their quality of life. With a strong emphasis on improved social support, interventions are individually designed to strengthen survivors’ support networks, both inside and outside of the YMCA.The Y offers social services programs because we're all in this together. Together we can harness our individual strengths and bring about positive changes around us.


Saint Agatha FoundationThe Saint Agatha Foundation, a private foundation located in Syracuse, New York, was established by Laurie Mezzalingua in 2004 as her tool for philanthropic outreach to those living with breast cancer.

After reading the story of Saint Agatha, the patron saint of breast cancer, Laurie felt a strong personal connection. She chose to name her foundation after this strong, brave woman. In creating the foundation’s logo, Laurie gave Saint Agatha pink boxing gloves in hopes that it would inspire those with breast cancer to keep fighting and never give up.