Yoga at the Manlius YMCA

At the Manlius YMCA, we recognize the practice of yoga can be a powerful tool for improving our health and well-being. Students of yoga can find greater health through the use of breathing techniques and yoga poses. Yoga by its very nature, asks us to stretch muscles that are naturally tight and strengthen muscles that are naturally weak. Yoga poses are challenging for the body and the mind.

Through a regular practice of yoga, people can improve their flexibility, strength and balance, and reduce stress. Medical benefits of yoga include but are not limited to: stress reduction, reducing anxiety, improving range of motion, improving circulation and reducing blood pressure.

Join us at the Manlius YMCA and find the healthy life that is waiting for you. The YMCA promotes Healthy Living for all. Join our Yoga program, feel younger and live the healthy life you were meant to live. All of our Yoga Teachers are RYT200.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is a combination of power yoga and vinyasa flow in a warm room of 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot Yoga will challenge ones muscular strength endurance, flexibility and balance. Hot yoga programs are gaining in popularity because heat is purifying, cleansing and healing. Added warmth prepares muscles and connective tissue for deeper stretches and facilitates perspiration, which serves to cleanse the body as well as clear the mind. This class is for experienced yoga practitioners only.You will sweat more in this class than in an average vinyasa flow class. Bring a water bottle to encourage sufficient hydration. For 16 years old and older. Registration at member services required.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga blends breathing, movement, stretching, meditation, chanting and the science of sequence. A typical Kundalini Yoga class starts with a breathing exercise, followed by spinal warm-ups and stretching and then a special set called a Kriya. A Kriya is a poetic progression of exercises which work in concert to create a synergistic, multi-dimensional, exponential effect. One Kriya might focus on the de-toxing the liver, or working through creative blocks, mastering your moods, or possibly developing will-power. After doing a set, students relax on their backs for a few minutes. Class ends with some form of meditation. Whatever the focus, by the end of every class you will feel energized and relaxed, focused and expansive, all at the same time.