YMCA sprint Triathlon At Green Lakes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a wetsuit? No, however about 75% of participants wear one. The water temperature in Green Lake is usually in the mid to high 60’s in early to mid-June. The past three years it has been between 69-71 degrees.

What is the race venue like? It is an excellent venue. Green Lake itself is one of the finest lakes in New York to swim in - clear, calm and sandy. The bike course has it all – flats, uphills and downhills. The run is around the lakes – soft, shaded, and scenic and relatively flat.

How many may be on a team? A team must consist of three individuals. On race day, all three must be present when picking up the chip.

How many waves are there? There are three waves, five minutes apart. You must swim in your assigned wave.

Do I need to wear a helmet? Yes, it also must be buckled before and after leaving transition.

Do I need to wear a bathing cap? Yes, you must wear the one provided to you.

Can I wear earbuds or headphones? No. Participants seen wearing them will be disqualified without exception.

Are bike tags provided? Yes. They are provided to be attached to your bike for identification.

Where do I rack my bike? Your bike must be racked on its assigned spot in the transition area. Your race number is your bike placement. There is a separate rack for team cyclists.

When must my bike be removed? Bikes should be removed by 11 a.m. to facilitate transition area teardown and the opening of the parking lot.

Is there a race cut-off? Yes. Participants should be out of the transition area and starting their run by 10:15. We reserve the right to ask for the chip of participants who are unable to meet the deadline. This was instituted for a number of reasons, including: meeting deadlines for removal of the transition areas, opening of the park, and helping to ensure the safety of all participants by setting clear minimum performance requirements. Sometimes special situations may occur such as a flat tire, or illness and they will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If for some reason you have concerns about not being able to finish the event by 11:00, please contact the Race Director before race day.

What if I cannot finish the race? If for some reason you cannot finish, please notify a race official and turn in your chip.

If I am unable to stay for the awards ceremony, how can I get my award? You may pick up your award at the Downtown YMCA, 340 Montgomery Street, Syracuse, starting at 9 a.m. the Wednesday after the competition.

Where will the results be posted? Results will be posted on the Score-This website and on this website.

Registration Questions

Do I have to be a USAT Member or pay the one day USAT license fee? No. Participants need not be USAT members nor must they pay an additional fee to participate.

Once the race is filled, if I have not registered, can I be placed on a waiting list? Sorry. There is no waiting list.

If I’m registered but can’t come, can I get a refund? Please call for more information, contact Beth Calcaginio at 315-474-6851 ext. 360.

Why does the application ask if I am a first-timer? We have an award for the first place first timer male and female. It is called the Reiner/Rudy award.

Why does the application ask if I am a cancer survivor? This triathlon is associated with LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, a program which aids cancer survivors at no cost to them. To help raise awareness of the program, there is an award for the first place male and female cancer survivor.

Can I pick up a friend’s packet at packet pick-up? Yes, if you have a signed permission slip from them.

Can family or friends attend the picnic? Yes, they can buy a ticket on race day. The charge is $3.50 for adults and $1.50 for children. Participants receive their lunch with their race registration. Your bib number is your ticket.

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