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Wellness Challenge
North Area Family YMCA & Northwest Family YMCA

Take 6 weeks to challenge yourself to a fitter, healthier you. Weekly wellness topics, weigh ins, tips and small group classes will help you achieve a better understanding of the importance of total body health and give you the tools to help you reach your goals. You will receive individual support from our Wellness Staff, including a discount on a personal training session and nutritional guidance.

Members Only $15. Contact Sue Montminy or inquire at Member Services for more information.

Challenge You (East Area Family YMCA)

(Ages 17 & up) *Free to members
Finding it tough to start and stick to a regular exercise routine? Enroll in the ongoing Challenge You and receive group support to help you get into a routine. This challenge is designed to help you make lifestyle changes through the combination of a structured exercise program and personal coaching. On a weekly basis, the challenge will consist of a 15 minute lifestyle discussion, a 45 minute workout, and a weigh-in. Food journals will be provided and will be reviewed by your wellness coach.

Teen Challenge You (East Area Family YMCA)

(Ages 12-16) *Free to members
This ongoing challenge is designed to help teens change and learn new lifestyle behaviors with support from wellness coaches. Teen orientations will be provided in the program to ensure proper use of the fitness rooms and equipment. Every week teens will weigh-in and participate in a 15 minute weekly lifestyle discussion followed by a 45 minute exercise session. Food and activity journals will be provided and handed in each week.

Tween Challenge You (East Area Family YMCA)

(Ages 8-11) *Free to members
Challenge yourself to be fit! In Tween Challenge You, you'll learn what being fit really means. It goes beyond reading nutritional labels and burning calories. It's also important that you focus on being spiritually and emotionally fit as well. We're ready and willing to show you the path to a healthier lifestyle today! Join us for fun challenges, educational seminars and a healthier you today!

Biggest Winner (Downtown)

Members $250 Non-Members $375
Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to get in better shape physically and mentally? Do you just want to fit in those pants in the back of your closet? With the Biggest Winner program you do all that in a matter of 12 weeks! If you are determined to overcome your obstacles, the Biggest Winner will give you the tools and support you need to get to where you want to be. You will receive expert guidance with our top certified fitness professionals to guarantee success in the program. You will build lifelong friendships and an amazing support system. Not only you but your team will finish the program much stronger, more confident, and lighter than before in just a matter of weeks.
This 12 week program will consist of cardiovascular, strength, endurance, and flexibility training. You will meet 3 times a week with your trainer; have exercise recommendations for when you're not with your trainer; and be able to participate in guidance seminars. Chances to win a free membership and personal training sessions!