Challenge your Mind, Body and Spirit

Adult Mind & Body Classes

Personal Training


This class will challenge your mind and body through strengthening, stretching, relaxing and breathing exercises. Class will begin with conscience breathing techniques which will calm the body/mind/emotions to prepare for class. Gentile warm-up stretches will follow leading into a variety of yoga postures. The postures challenge the body through stretching, relaxing and breathing while holding the postures. Flexibility, strength and muscle tone improves as spirit/mind/body work together in harmony.
Offered at the North Area Family YMCA and
the Northwest Family YMCA

Gentle Yoga

A yoga style which is not as strenuous as the practiced forms of yoga. Because of its innate gentle nature, this class is perfect for those who cannot meet the demands of physically straining exercises - ideal for beginners, women who are pregnant or those looking for a more relaxed and laid back workout.
  • Offered at the North Area Family YMCA and
    the Northwest Family YMCA

Fitness Yoga

This class, in addition to implementing stretches, offers more strenuous muscle building exercises such as squats, lunges and upper arm toning as well as providing the meditative benefits of traditional yoga.Fitness yoga offers an increased physical workout.
Offered at the Northwest Family YMCA

Intro To Yoga

Slow, gentile postures and movements are combined with an emphasis on breathing, balance, strength and flexibility. This class is ideal for new practitioners or those who prefer a lighter workout.

  • Offered at the East Area Family YMCA, Northwest Family YMCA


Pilates is a total body exercise program emphasizing the core muscles (abdominals, low back and glutes) with a focus on the transverse abdominis and breathing. This program will connect your mind and body through movements while breathing. The instructor will lead you through a variety of exercises designed for beginners to advanced. Pilates will enhance your bodies awareness, posture, strength and flexibility. This safe program will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated.


Get fit the body's way. This unique program combines movements and concepts from yoga, T'ai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Jazz, Modern Dance and other movements forms. Designed for people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities, NIA can successfully be used by everyone from beginner to athlete. NIA's enjoyable approach to movements and fitness benefits the mind and body. This class offers conditioning and cross-training for any sport or activity. No prior training is necessary. Join us and experience the joy of movement and the benefits of moving your body, the body's way.

  • Offered at the East Area Family YMCA

T'ai Chi

T'ai Chi is an ancient regimen of slow, graceful, balletic movements, often called moving meditation. T'ai Chi is a low impact type of exercise in which movements are coordinated with breathing so the individual can focus on dynamic changes in balance, flexibility, and muscular tension. The meditative nature of T'ai Chi exercise is calming and relaxing and has shown to benefit the cardio vascular system as well as posture, strength and balance

  • Offered at the North Area Family YMCA
    and Northwest Family YMCA

Vinyasa Yoga

This class combines movement and breathing to maximize the flow of energy through vinyasa poses. Focus on challenging the body through stretching relaxation and breathing while holding posture. Flexibility, strength and muscle tone improves spirit/mind/body as they work together in harmony.

Offered at the North Area Family YMCA and
the Northwest Family YMCA