Health Screenings offered at the YMCA

Here at the Y we think it is important to know your health. Be proactive and kick start a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Consultations

At the Y, we want to help get you to where you want to be in a safe and effective manner. The fitness consultation will help you ease into the facility while learning how to target your goals. You will meet with a member from our fitness team to get properly acclimated with all cardiovascular and strength training equipment. The fitness professional will be able to answer all questions such as, "what class would you recommend?"or "is their a specific program that will help me achieve my goals?". No matter what your goal is, we can help!

  • Offered at all participating YMCA branches
  • FREE to members

Fitness Assessments

The personal training staff will conduct the following tests
in order to analyze current fitness level.

  • Body Composition
  • 3 Minute Step Test
  • Sit & Reach
  • 1 Minute Sit Up Test
  • 1 Minute Push Up Test

All Participants should come dressed to exercise and allow at
approximately 30 minutes time for the test. Please schedule
appointments for your one on one assessment at your YMCA branch.

Body Composition Testing

Have a fitness professional determine your body composition.
Percent body fat will be determined using skin fold calipers.
Your lean body mass will be calculated as well. Schedule a
body composition test at your YMCA branch.

Healthy Back

Prevention is the key! Adopt behaviors that prevent
future problems as well as provide relief for current
back pain. Education combined with gentile, relaxation exercises to strengthen, protect and keep the back healthy.

  • On Going Program
  • Offered at the Downtown YMCA
  • Free to Members