The right fit

At the Y, we have the programs, people and facilities you need to maintain or improve your health and wellness. Why? Because our cause is strengthening community. As you grow stronger, you'll have more strength to help yourself, your family and your friends, and that strengthens us all.

We have group exercise classes to meet your needs, no matter your fitness level. We also have one-on-one instruction for those preferring a more personal setting.

Hotworx yoga

Located at our Northwest branch, HOTWORX® is an innovative fitness program that utilizes a combination of infrared heat and isometrics to give you an amazing full-body workout in just 30 minutes. You’ll perform body postures in sequential order at 120-125 degrees Fahrenheit using infrared heat.

Traditional hot - or Bikram - yoga programs heat the studio using HVAC systems or space heaters. This type of heating technique simply heats air in the room which can make it difficult to breathe. Infrared heat is far more comfortable and easily absorbed by the body causing you to sweat toxins out of your muscles in MUCH less time.