Bond as a family, share some laughter
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From classes designed just for your kids to FREE Prime Time care and Parents Night Out, we've got you covered!

FREE Family Prime Time

6 weeks - 7 Years

The Family Prime Time Center is a family membership benefit designed to allow all family members an opportunity to utilize the YMCA at the same time. The Family Prime Time Center offers age appropriate rooms and activities, such as arts & crafts, story time, gross motor activities and use of Prime Time toys, with well-trained staff members. Family members can use Prime Time for children ages 6 weeks to 7 years of age with the understanding that parents must stay inside the YMCA. Family Prime Time staff will gladly escort children to programs with parental consent.

Children 8-11 years old can use the Center at their leisure. Please refer to the Parent Handbook for more detailed guidelines.


Club Room, Infant/Toddler Room
Monday-Friday; 8:45-12:30pm
Monday-Friday: 3:45-8:30
Saturday 8:30-1:00pm

Family Prime Time is closed on Sundays.
Family Members ONLY

Family Prime Time Plus

6 weeks - 7 Years

This exciting program offers our little friends the experience of Family Prime Time for three hours during the prime time regular business hours, parent free! While parents are away, children will play. They will be signed into Family Prime Time and be given a yellow colored bracelet. After making a craft, enjoying Prime Time activities and free play, we will wash up for our snack. Please send your child(ren) with sneakers, extra clothes and a healthy snack. Parents are permitted to leave the building during this program.


Family Members Only: $15.00/child with a maximum of $35/family;
late pick up will be charged $1/minute per child.


Club Room, Infant/Toddler Room
Monday-Friday; 8:45-12:30pm
Monday-Friday: 3:45-8:30
Saturday 8:30-1:00pm

        • Power Zone

          FREE for children ages 7-12.


          Monday - Friday: 3:45pm - 8:30pm
          Saturday: 8:30am - 1:00pm
          Sunday: Closed

Parents Night Out

Ages 2-11 / Saturday Evenings / 4-8pm

    • Need a guilt-free evening without the kids? Our Parents Night Out gives you the opportunity to take a well-deserved break. This incredible evening for your children is filled with a variety of fun games and activities and they won't want the night to end! Please see the descriptions below for age appropriate activities.

      Family & Youth Members: $15/child with a maximum of $35/family.
      Late pick up will be charged $1/minute per child

    • Ages 2 - 6 yrs

      Your kids will have fun doing a themed craft and activity, playing in the gym, and watching a movie. We will provide pizza and a healthy snack. Children should come prepared with sneakers and play clothes.

      7 - 11 yrs

      Your tween will have use of the Power Zone area where they can play board games, do crafts, build Legos and use their imagination. Then they can get their energy out in the gym where we will play structured games and fitness fun! All participants will be swimming and must come with their bathing suit on under their clothes and a change of dry clothes. We will provide pizza and a healthy snack. Youth should come prepared with swimsuit/towel, sneakers, and play clothes.

Family Fun Nights

ALL AGES / 6:00-8:00pm / Jan 13, Feb 3, Mar 3, Apr 7. Stop in to have a fantastic evening with open turf and gym time, activity pool, gaga pit, Power Zone (ages 8-12) and more. No registration necessary!

Be Safe Child Classes

  • 8 is Great!
    Join our Tween Coordinator to take a tour of our facility. Learn all about the YMCA and the
    areas you can enjoy now that you're 8 years old

  • Staying Home Alone Course
    Ages 8-12
  • Adventures in Babysitting Course
    Ages 11-15

Tween EVENTS (Free)

  • Movie Nights: Ages 8+
  • Tweengo Nights: Ages 8+