membership Rates

TypeRate (per month)
Family of Two2
Young Adult (19-29)$32.00
Youth I (0-7 years)$22.25
Youth II (8-18 years)$27.25
SYAC Family1,3$89.51
SYAC Family of Two2,3
1 A Family is two adults and their dependent children through the age of 25 who live at the same address.

2 A Family of Two is an adult couple or an adult and a dependent child through the age of 25, who live at the same address.

3 A SYAC membership, available for men at the Downtown Y only, includes use of a daily towel service, key-operated lockers, a lounge area with a large-screen TV, billiard room and daily laundry service for workout apparel, dry sauna and steam room. Massages are available. More details on SYAC.

Joining Fee

An association joining fee is required of all new members. This fee is to be paid in full at the time of enrollment. Memberships that have expired or have been cancelled for more than 30 days are subject to repayment of the registration fee to renew memberships.
  • Family, Adult, SYAC, SYAC Family & Senior Couple: $49.00
  • Young Adult, Membership For All: $26.00