Our teams are doing all they can to help strengthen our community.
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Team Captain: Rosemary Angotti

Team Members: Ron Planty, Linda Owens, Patti Bennett, Jane Tartick, Heather VanDeWalker, Deborah Sabella, Laura D'Arcangelis, and Maureen Fuller.

Fish Out of Water

Team Captains: Tom Manzo and Leila Giancone
Team Members: Mike Giancone, Val Manzo.

Ghost Rider

Team Captain: Captain Ghost
Team Members: Ghost One, Ghost Two, Ghost Three

LIVESTRONG with Attitude

Team Captain: Gina Rohde

Team Members: Sharon Holiday, Jodi Pichura, Kelly Williams, Eileen Rosecrants, Ethel Dell'Aquila, Art Lillienthal, Patricia Williams, Patricia Howe, Mary Shug, Karen Bowman, Michelle Wilkerson, Tom Collins, Cathie Collins, Cathy Rothenberg, Gary Rothenberg, Sharon Tyner, Jim Tyner

Bulger's Bike Brigade

Team Captain: Matt Bulger
Team Members: Meredith Bulger, Cabrina Gilbert, Laura Ryan, Michelle Saunders, Mike Centore, Beth Woods, Dan Woods, Jim Marchak, James Marchak, Jayson Gray, Sarah Gray